Hello and assalamualaikum....

Alhamdulillah, I finally finished to learn this subject, Information and  Communications Technology In Science for this semester. During this subject I learn many thing and I try to prepare myself to get more knowledge from this subject. Before I enter this subject class, I do not know much about ICT. From this class, I get to know about print screen, paint, and simulation. Besides, I also know about smart school, the issues and the challenges of smart school. I also know how to create a beautiful and nice blog. The more I study about this ICT, I will learn more and get more knowledge. The simulation is relationship with Stella. The first assignment of this class is the issues and challenges of smart schools and the second assignment is about the smart school. The third assignment is the simulation that used stella. The important thing that I learn in this class is about presentations rules. 

          As a teacher-to-be, I must prepare myself and choose the good power-point. I cannot choose the slide that with red, green or that effect our eye to see clearly. Besides, I also learn about data logging, the advantage and disadvantage of data logging and the interactive whiteboards. The advantage of data logging are better understanding of scientific experiments, better understanding of science concept and other. The bad used of ICT are cyber crime is occured. The interactive whiteboards is also important in teaching and learning, it is safe search for searching the internet. It also has cost effective resources and quick and easy access to information. For my friends and my lecturer En. Azmi, thank you for teach in this class and I hope I can apply the lesson that I learn in my future...that all, thank you....

                                                                                                                                           - NURUL-

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